I had heard rumors, but I didn’t believe them. Unfortunately they are true and I have sad news to report. Togo Jinja, the most popular and foreigner-friendly shrine sale has ended, with no plans for it to recommence. I know many of you will join me in a moment of silence for this loss.

Now to figure out where all the dealers have re-deployed to. I stopped by Yasukuni Jinja today – not the best day as Japan-China relations are at code orange right now and Yaskuni is a lightning rod for any discontent (for more on the political controversy surrounding Yasukuni shrine, see here). Only about 20 dealers were there, most with low quality merchandise imported from China (read fake). I know many of the dealers are at the Oedo Antique Fair at the Tokyo International Forum today, but they can’t all be there. The first Sunday of the month was always such a busy one that I haven’t explored some of the other markets further afield on that day. Perhaps I will finally get to Arai Yakushi. More on that next month.