The October/November issue of Lonny Magazine featured this photo from popular decorator Celerie Kemble’s Central Park South apartment. The glamorous interiors included this dining room, with suits of samurai warrior armor standing guard.

Popular culture has given us an idealized view of samurai living their lives by the codes of Bushido (Way of the Warrior) and committing seppuku (ritual suicide) if dishonored.  By the time this photo was taken during the peaceful Edo period, many samurai like this fellow below no longer needed to fight and became bureaucrats and administrators instead.

A fair number of antique dealers here specialize in war related items – there is always someone selling swords, tsuba (sword guards) and other paraphernalia at a market or antique show.  While not completely uncommon, you don’t see armor everyday though. However I did see this set a few weeks ago and took this photo because I knew sooner or later this very question would need to be addressed.

Classic estates in Europe routinely display suits of armor, but what say you all to samurai in New York? Brilliant or creepy? Or something else entirely?

I am holding my opinion until the votes are in…Please comment on this post and let me know what you think!

Image credits:1. October-November 2010 Lonny Magazine, 2. Spacious Planet, 3. me.