I am not going to say a lot about about this Christmas treat post, other than that the very prolific William Merritt Chase, long considered America’s “Best Impressionist,” was also fascinated with Japanese art and motifs. For your enjoyment, I have gathered a large grouping of his paintings which include clear references to Japonisme through props such as prints, fans, kimonos, and screens. In addition to these obvious references, the compositions of these later paintings – with their high horizon lines and uptilted foregrounds – reveal the more significant role Japanese art had on his artistic style.

Hall at Shinnecock, 1893

Child With Prints

The Japanese Book

Japanese Print, c. 1888

The Kimono, 1895

The Blue Kimono, 1898

Spring Flowers, c. 1889

Making her Toilet, 1889

Girl in a Japanese Kimono

Back of a Nude, 1888

Modern Magdalen, 1888


Weary, aka Who Rang, 1889

Woman in Kimono Holding a Japanese Fan

Enjoy and Merry Christmas!!!!!
Image Credits: Thanks to Pagina Artis for uploading so many of these images into one place!