Move over Tom Scheerer and Steven Gambrel, Tokyo Jinja readers are collecting glass floats and displaying them in their homes. I’ve given up on getting mine back to the US right now so I have combined it with my ever-growing collection of Japanese glass bottles.

One Tokyo reader got lucky at the Oedo Antique Market just a week or so ago. She scored a medium size float with its original net and a handful of small ones. I just love the way she displays them on the shelves, with her books organized by color – it makes for such a soothing composition.

The husband of a reader in Singapore knew how obsessed his wife was with floats that for Christmas he bought her a group from a dealer in Alaska. Simultaneously, a friend gave her a bowl from Core Bamboo. She’s combined the two and displays them on a woven Laotian textile in her living room.

Blue & White’s Amy Katoh displays her floats in a senbei (rice cracker) canister on her window overlooking the Sumida River.

And for the most unusual placement, this float joins sea glass on the bathroom wall at Amy’s Tokiwa house.

Elsewhere in the internet, Brooke Giannetti of Velvet & Linen has just posted photos of the Gilt Home Showhouse room she and her husband designed in support of the Demi and Ashton Kutcher Foundation, which raises money to combat human trafficking. Using paintings by her husband Steve and items from her shop Giannetti Home, they created an artist’s studio.

She used a grouping of floats in a covered glass apothecary-style jar, as one of the main decorative items on the coffee table.

Along with the paintings, they really make the blue and aqua tones in the room sing!

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Photo credits: 1. me, 2. A. Ridge, 3. A. Wilhoit, 4 & 5. Amy Katoh, 6 & 7. Brooke Giannetti