Take a pretty wallpaper and/or fabric in your daughter’s favorite color, whether an Indian block print, a toile or a floral and cover as many surfaces as you can in said fabric, including walls, curtains, headboard, dust ruffle, chairs, pillows and in particular a canopy, if possible. Accent with pretty white linens, a little gingham or stripes for contrast, perhaps a solid color on an upholstered piece and a few complimetary accessories and voila! the perfect girls room.

Katie Ridder using a Muriel Brandolini fabric.

Harlequin’s Amelie

Lewis and Wood Muscat

Elizabeth Mayhew using Albert Hadley‘s Reddish Rose by Hinson.

Palmer Weiss using China Seas Banglore Paisley

Meg Braff using Cowtan & Tout‘s Floral Toile.

Windsor Smith using Peter Dunham‘s Samarkand.

Green and white toile with green and white gingham.

Does anyone else think toile is due for a comeback?

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