So both the summer issues of House Beautiful and Elle Decor feature a styling accessory that will be dear to my glass obsessed readers hearts – slag glass, lumps of leftovers from the glass blower’s furnace at the end of the day. Like Japanese glass fishing floats and bottles, they are essentially found objects that brings in that translucent watery blue-green color just perfect for beach house interiors.

Both spaces feature a ton of interesting details, like the knotted rope window treatments and the upside down industrial baskets-turned coffee tables in the Marin County, California house below. This space is full of fabulous re-purposing! The rest of the house is no less fascinating – a must view – including a fabulous bunk room and kitchen window-deck pass through. You’ll be seeing more of it here on the blog in coming weeks.

The Amagansett home in Elle Decor is the very best kind of casual warm modern, but it is the slag glass on the table that pulls this room together and links the inside to the exterior. The soft shimmery colors and rustic curiosities lift the house out of an ordinary mid-century modern design – be sure to see the rest of it here.

What is it about water colored glass that speaks to us so strongly? And why am I so sure there are going to be lots of google, eBay and Etsy searches for it in the coming months?

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Image credits: 1. House Beautiful July/August 2012, photo credit: Alec Hemer, 2. Elle Decor July/August 2012, photo credit: Jason Schmidt