So trusty contractor has finally found time to come and install my pocket door. Somehow it always seems to be my imminent departure for shores far away (11 days and counting) that makes things happen, but no real complaints on my part.  If you recall from this post, I had found this vintage door at a nearby salvage yard. While perfect in size and shape, matching the linen closet door outside the master bedroom, I had hoped for a door with a panel of frosted glass as the master bathroom has no window.  We had used a door like that very successfully in a renovation of the bathroom in our Manhattan apartment (where bathrooms rarely have windows!) and I really wanted the same here. Luckily I mentioned it to my trusty contractor and he pointed out that he could change out that upper panel to glass!

So here it is just after installation. It needs cleaning, painting and will be built up a bit along the bottom. Best of all, they worked hard to install it from inside the bathroom and didn’t need to rip out the sheet rock on the bedroom side of the wall, although the outlet did need to be shifted over to the left.

The bathroom now feels huge! OK, well perhaps that is an overstatement, but getting rid of the old door was as necessary as I thought it would be.

In case you don’t remember, this is what it was like before with the door that opened inward!

And here is the vintage style glass, which is a very accurate reproduction of glass used in the houses around here. I picked this one in particular because I loved the exotic look of the quatrefoil pattern and thought it went perfectly with everything else already done or planned. The glass is on order and should be in next week. Keep your fingers crossed!

And by waiting a few days to post, here it is painted! And the horrible peach color in the bathroom has been painted out and is now lovely Ben Moore White Dove. Compare the view through the door here to the one above. And just what I hoped for has happened by changing the paint – the tiles no longer look peach themselves, but instead tan and grey.

Getting ready to start practising my woodblock stamping technique today. I’ll be sure to show you how that is going. For more on the back story to this post, check out Renovation Report…Do You Throw Good Money After Bad? Thoughts on Fixing My Master Bathroom.

Ooh, and this just in – the door pull in polished nickel from Rejuvenation!