So of course, the usual selective perception thing has kicked in, and having mentioned those vintage church chairs so popular in antique stores around Tokyo in my last post, I have stumbled across a few new images of them being used in interiors.

I had long admired the painted ones in photographer Paul Massey’s English home, admired the entire kitchen and the incredible quality of light it has, as well as the wonderful patina found on much of the furniture and accessories.

It’s hard for anything to look bad with those windows! Massey’s space is used in photo shoots all the time and you can see pictures of the rest of his house on his website here.  I know all my Aussie readers and going to love this one!

But just yesterday I found these images of a Georgian manor house in Oxfordshire renovated by Michaelis Boyd Associates and decorated by Sarah Delaney. Again, note the incredible windows and that line up of chapel chairs.

This is my favorite view, interspersed with modern white molded plastic chairs. The contrast is great.

It is no surprise that these houses are all in England. Here’s a photo of the warehouse of a large UK architectural antiques shop. I think churches all over Britain are decommissioning these and moving to modern alternatives – like plastic – how sad!

I haven’t noticed them much in the US, but they are bringing them over in containers to Japan. Their small size and light pine and oak are perfect for the casual country look that has become so popular here. They mix and match easily, both with each other and other kinds of chairs. And the bible pockets in the back are perfect for holding place mats and napkins, keeping things orderly.

And perhaps the best juxtaposition? The So Tired cafe designed by  Ichiro Katami and Uichi Yamamoto, over in the business area of Marunouchi. The modern stained glass is meant to evoke a church like atmosphere, so what better to use for the seating than retired church chairs? I hear they serve good Cantonese style food and dim sum, so now its on my list to visit.

I have a major chair dilemma myself coming up – more on that soon!

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