I don’t buy things because they’re fashionable, I buy only what I love. And I don’t get tired of the things I have, because they are not gimmicky.
-Carolina Herrera Baez

As always, my magazines are so late! Imagine my distress at finally seeing the October Elle Decor featuring the spectacular apartment of Carolina Herrera Baez in Madrid and it is full of ticking stripe fabrics! International mail is my Achilles Heel!

So I don’t normally start posts in the bedroom, but couldn’t help myself here. Her bedroom had me at hello! The gorgeous flat canopy bed made from Ian Mankin ticking, played off against the starburst mirror, the Matouk linens, and for good measure, a fur coverlet. See – ticking takes the stuffiness out! There is even a secondary ticking stripe on the curtains.

Fairly formal ebonized and gilt dining room chairs are also covered in a simple ticking, keeping them fresh and casual. The house is full of fine furniture and art, all animated by color and personality.  And the pink linen trimmed in jute in the study just knocks my socks off.

You can see one of the chairs closer here – the dining room also double as a library. I like that the bookshelves are crammed and not fake and stagey.

Even the entryway is lined in ticking stripes, trimmed out in jute and nailheads again.  And the suzani-upholstered settee is another great example of contrast – fancy, but mixed with ethnic.

I could show you more, but I’ll let you click over to Elle Decor for the full article with the very unpretentious Herrera Baez and the rest of William Waldron’s wonderful photos.

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