The new issue of Lonny is out and it has some lovely features on top designers including Charlotte Moss and Miles Redd, both of whom have books coming out this fall, both of which look to be spectacular. Redd’s The Big Book of Chic is his first and looks to be a more typical decorating tome, if you can call anything he does typical, while Charlotte Moss: A Visual Life: Scrapbooks, Collages, and Inspirations seems more like a personal pathway into her creative mind and process. As a master of the single room showstopper, her ability to mix disparate things has always amazed me and I would love a chance to see what inspires her. Her office featured in Lonny is no exception and as it is a working space, it is more casual and livable than some of her more formal projects.

Charlotte Moss has a particular flair for one of my favorite colors – green – and in this case has pulled off the magic perfect green wall color in her office. It is exactly the shade that I have always dreamed of for my own living room, an ambiguous watery color that makes you ask, is it green? is it grey? She has mixed in a variety of fine antiques, all sturdy and workable, with great art, simple lighting and floor covering. But it is the elusive color of those walls that has caught me and I am dying to know what it is!

I know this is her office but it reads like a modern-day dining room, multitasking as no one seems to need a devoted dining room anymore.

She is a master of the gallery wall and this one is truly amazing. You know there are a lot of very fine pieces up there too. And this color green looks so good with old gilded frames.

The details are all there – custom colored Arbre de Matisse curtains and a lampshade of Les Indiennes.

I love fabrics with silhouette reverse colorways like many of the China Seas fabrics.

And speaking of green, gallery walls and one room showstoppers, who can forget her Kips Bay sitting room/bedroom in 2009 that is on the cover of her previous book Charlotte Moss Decorates. One of the best gallery walls ever and again the use of green with elusive shades of grey and old gilt. There are numerous items here, including the desk and some artwork, that are now in her office.

And for those of you who are up to your ears in hearing about ticking, this is the last time for a while. Upcoming posts on blue and white porcelain, the CWAJ Print Show and a new shrine sale schedule are in the works, I promise. But in the meantime, I can’t help myself! Look at the bathroom in Moss’s office! Ticking plus Chinoiserie and a little gilding – that great casual/fancy mash up.

And on One Kings Lane today a French settee covered in silk ticking – yum!

Now the challenge is to find out the name of that paint color. You know (and I know, sigh) that it is the quality of the light in the room that makes the color so perfect and there is no guarantee that it would look the same elsewhere, but you can’t blame a girl for trying.

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