my screen

So you all know by now how obsessed I am with my new but old byobu (Japanese screen) and I promise to stop talking about it soon (maybe) but it really is inspiring changes to my interiors in Doha. After 9 years in Japan, I’m ready for a bit of change, but at the same time I am excited that the change is being driven by something Japanese!

Thanks so much to Mark Sikes for posting Michael Smith’s Holmby Hills house this week as the photos of his bedroom with its similar 18th century silver and green screen have really got me pumped. The motif looks to be pine or more possibly bamboo, but I just can’t quite tell. There is also a great article and additional slide show photographed by François Halard on the house in the Wall Street Journal last year.

Michael Smith byobu Japanese screen

There is something about the bedrooms he designs that I just adore – posted recently about another one here and you can see another favorite here – as they are so serene.

Michael Smith Holmby bedroom

I didn’t need any validation on my excitement really, but it sure is nice to have it…

Michael Smith Holmby Hills silver green byobu

I’m still thinking the Balboa Mist will be spot on – paint should be going on the walls tomorrow, so I’ll let you know!