I am a bit of a porcelain proselytizer, particularly of the blue and white variety. My faith lies firmly with the clear blue cobalt of Japanese Seto porcelain, and its more sophisticated cousin Imari, but I am open to decorating with blue and white of any kind, may it be Chinese, Dutch Delftware, English Staffordshire or any other. I preach the gospel often and have converted many to its charms. Sometimes my difficulty lies in convincing others of the true neutrality of blue and white and the undeniable truth that it can work with any color decor and any style of furnishings.

Having had this post living in my queue for months, adding a photo to it every now and then, I’d like to finally share a visual rainbow of the possibilities of color with blue and white porcelain. There are certain designers who could furnish the full spectrum on their own, but I have attempted to present a variety of styles and suppliers. For the most part, I have limited myself to porcelain from Asia and homes from America as it would be easy to trot out the stately homes of Europe and their incredible collections, but not that diverse.

Red – Mary McDonald

Orange – Mary McDonald

Yellow – Christopher Spitzmiller

Chartreuse Green – Markham Roberts

Hunter Green – Jeffrey Bilhuber

Laquered Cobalt Blue – Miles Redd

Blue Venetian Plaster – Allison Caccoma

Pale Blue – Milly de Cabrol

Lavender – Aerin Lauder

Pink – Mary McDonald

Brown – Ned Marshall

Grey – Grant Gibson

White and Modern -Kristen Buckingham

Rustic Elegance- Cathy Kincaid

Classic – Miles Redd

Glamorous – Daniel Romualdez

Have I converted you?