Just a quick post on a middle-of-the-night eureka moment I had not that long ago. About a month ago I wrote a post about using cement tiles in the entryway of the Brooklyn brownstone I’ve been working on again recently. Most of the examples I included were green in color, as that is what we had been thinking. But for some reason, I just couldn’t help including this set of robins egg blue tiles from Tierra Y Fuego. Something about them just felt right for the house!


The main project I am working on in the house is a full kitchen redo, which I have written about extensively here (more links below too). We have been planning on a white kitchen, which the homeowner has long dreamed of. But as these weeks have ticked away, it has been weighing on my mind that the kitchen is too white for the house, and doesn’t balance with the lovely dining area opposite.


Cue the epiphany now – using the tiles for a kitchen backsplash! I prepared my battle plan argument for my client – it goes something like this…The tiles would add so much in numerous ways. On one hand, they are very current (almost trendy) right now, while on the other they are a historic material perfect for the period of the house. The colors are ideal – the soft blue-green of the dining room, with a darker blue-teal to ground them and some cinnamon and white for contrast. They are neither too French, too Moroccan, nor too culturally specific. And for good measure, look back at the ceiling molding in the dining room photo – almost too perfect!

Needless to say, it didn’t take much convincing at all. We ordered a sample set of four tiles and they came promptly.  But my client still needed to “see it” to “believe it” so she used an age old trick – the photocopier! She made copies of the tiles (only one set in color) and laid them out along the backsplash. Voilá! Instant visual!

back splash photo encaustic tiles brooklyn

Do you ever have late night design epiphanies?

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